When it comes to hot cocoa machines, the Cocomotion by Mr. Coffee is a consumer favorite. This machine was one of the first cocoa makers that was available for home use, and families embraced it! Warm, rich cocoa at the touch of a button what could be better?

Like other automatic cocoa makers, the Cocomotion mixes and heats the cocoa for you. Your only job is to add the ingredients and turn it on.  Well, of course you will need to pour warm cups of cocoa for your family to enjoy, but that is the fun part of the job!

Not only will this machine make fabulous cocoa, it will make almost any kind of hot drink. You can create fun combinations of flavors to come up with great hot drinks that people will rave about. Try adding spices and different flavorings, those flavored coffee creamers aren’t just for coffee – they taste great in hot cocoa as well!  Try using it to make different types of tea as well. The sky is the limit, just put your creativity to use and see what great treats you can make with the Cocomotion!

But don’t stop with hot drinks, you can also make simple soups with the Cocomotion. This makes it great for college students, they can easily warm up a can of Campbells soup using this machine. It is truely an all purpose drink machine! It is easy to use and clean. You can make four mugs of frothy, hot cocoa at one time. There are also recipes for other flavors of cocoa that are included in the box. This little hot cocoa machine will soon be your favorite appliance!

However, as great as the Cocomotion is, consumers are having a hard time finding them. It seems that the Mr. Coffee company has discontinued the product. But never fear, you can still find this great little cocoa machine in many stores and online as well. You can find the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion at as well as other online retailers. Hopefully there are enough still available to last a good long time!

The Cocomotion has been on the market longer than almost any other cocoa maker for home use. Perhaps the Mr. Coffee company has decided to focus mainly on their coffee maker products. However, judging from all the positive consumer reveiws they really ought to reconsider bringing this great product back. People love the Cocomotion!

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